Preschool Math Worksheets


Give Your Child a Strong Foundation with
the David Dolphin Mathematics Worksheets!

mathematics-worksheets-graphic01The importance of strong math skills is widely documented. By the age of three, your child is
ready to learn the basic principles of math with
counting and number recognition.

The David Dolphin Preschool Math Worksheets contains systematic, age-specific preschool mathematics worksheets to give your child a solid foundation to build on in the future. The influence of preschool education on future success is recognized as invaluable.

Math and literacy are used as measures of the standard of education worldwide.
Make sure your child is equipped to start school!

With almost 100 mathematics worksheets, the David Dolphin Workbook will teach
your child, step-by-step, the fundamental principles of numbers, counting,
quantity, addition, subtraction and much more!

Unlike some free worksheets, the David Dolphin kids math worksheets have been designed to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one system.

Other benefits of the Mathematics Worksheets include:

  • Step-by-step age-appropriate worksheets help your child progress through each section
    at their own pace.
  • Lessons and exercises are varied to promote a deeper understanding of the principles, improve memory and prevent boredom.
  • Kids math worksheets can be combined with games and activities to provide a comprehensive understanding of math.
  • Systematic progression within each section of the mathematics worksheets allows your child to move through each learning phase, ready for the next one.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the math workbook, you can easily print and reprint individual worksheets as often as you like.
  • With your encouragement, support, and praise, your child will grow confident in his or her capabilities. This will not only help them in math but in other areas as well.
  • The mathematics worksheets have been developed and tested by a preschool teacher. This teaching system has been proved with countless children going on to achieve superb results at school.

David Dolphin
Preschool Mathematics Worksheets
(96 Worksheets)

We’ve packed the book full of fun math worksheets to help you teach your child the basic skills of math. The Workbook will take your child, step-by-step, through the concepts with exercises and practice worksheets that will prepare them for kindergarten and school.

What we cover in this workbook:

• Number Recognition
• Counting to 5, progressing to 10 and then 20
• Identifying Quantity
• Understanding Quantity
• Counting Practice
• Color-by-Numbers
• Number Writing Practice
• Addition
• Zero as a number
• Subtraction, Fractions and Simple Multiplication





These Preschool mathematics worksheets will give your child
the solid foundation they need!

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David Dolphin Mathematics Worksheets right now.

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Parent/ Teacher Handbook

You get Free with any purchase

This handbook provides parents and teachers with ideas, tips, and tricks to help your child progress comfortably through the workbooks. Instilling the right values at an early age develops healthy habits for schooling too. Positive reinforcement and building your child’s confidence are vital for their success.

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Learn to Draw

Teach your child how to draw! Easy to follow simple drawing techniques that will give your child a basic understanding of combining shapes to create other shapes.

mathematics-worksheets-graphic07 preschool-worksheets-graphic10

How to Raise Confident Children

Confidence is the key to success. Learn how to be encouraging and supportive using Liz’s confidence-boosting tricks!

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Health and Fitness Tips for Children

Guidelines to help parents encourage healthy eating habits and teach their children how to enjoy a physical activity to keep them fit and growing healthily.


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