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Today I will share with you a very old Natural Home Remedy

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What Happens When You Pour Salt into a Cabbage?

Take a good look at this picture. Do you know what happens when you pour salt into a cabbage?

A. The salt mixes with the cabbage juice inside and begins to ferment

B. The cabbage phytonutrients get “supercharged” by the acidity and turn into cholesterol sweepers

C. After 3 days you get a very powerful natural painkiller

This life-saving information was still common knowledge just a few generations ago.

Today it’s all but lost. We have found some great Natural Home Remedies.

I first read about this forgotten cure in “The Lost Book of Remedies”, an old tome that tries to save the most powerful remedies of our forefathers.

It’s written for common folk with no plant knowledge and has lots of colored pictures for each medicinal plant, weed or tree in North America, to easily identify them.

Even a small child could use it!

What powerful healing plants you’re “growing” around your house

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Another Great Home Remedy: 

Since I’ve used this forgotten remedy many old aches and pains are gone and I feel a few years younger too.

Another great Natural Home Remedies is.

Putting a chopped onion in your socks tonight might be the best thing for your health.

Here’s why

Since I’ve used this forgotten remedy many old aches and pains are gone and I feel a few years younger too.

But that’s not even the best part about this forgotten onion remedy!

I would have never found out about this were it not for this old book.

“The Lost Book of Remedies” is just that.

More than 300-pages of our forefather’s most powerful medicinal plants and step-by-step instructions

on how to turn them into powerful remedies.

If medicines vanish or you can’t get your Rx refilled in time you need this on your bookshelf.

“The Lost Book of Remedies” will give you the best natural alternatives to every pill in your medicine cabinet.

But don’t just take my word for it.

See for yourself just how incredibly powerful these lost cures really are.



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