How to cure uric acid permanently

Do you want to know how to cure uric acid permanently?

Consider the source of uric acid build-up

Uric acid is produced from birth, yet normally the body does a good job of getting rid of it as quickly as it is produced.

Gout happens when for some reason, your body stops managing to remove uric acid effectively. Doesn’t it make sense then, that rather than masking the symptoms (as drugs do) you fix what has gone wrong?

After all, we’re not asking your body to do anything magical. We’re simply getting it back to its natural state. Is it really that complicated? We need to cure this uric acid Permanently.

The Gout Eraser™ is a step-by-step system written from ancient Okinawan knowledge that the island’s inhabitants have been using for centuries to re-align their bodies and getting rid of gout by showing us how to cure uric acid permanently – an ailment they consider to be ‘easily fixed!

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What is Uric Acid 

A high uric acid level is known as hyperuricemia

Some people have a genetic predisposition to develop hyperuricemia.

Uric acid is a natural waste product from the digestion of foods that contain purines. Purines are also formed and broken down in your body.

Purines will be found  in very high levels in some foods such as:

    • some meats in particular red meat and organ meat
    • seafood especially mussels, crab, shrimps and other shellfish, anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines, sprats, whitebait trout, fish roe, caviar
    • dried beans
    • beer (o boy beer no)

But why do some people have then So much uric Acid and other people don’t have this problem?

Normally, your body filters out uric acid through your kidneys and in the urine. So what happens if you consume way too much purine in your diet like beer or even if you don’t drink you can get it from other food types like many types of meat, sardines, dried beans and so on… This forms a uric acid buildup in your blood and you must get rid of this toxic waste pronto.

IF this Uric Acid builds up in your blood and your blood become way too acidic then it can lead to a disease called gout and this gout is painful joints that accumulate urate crystals.

How can a person lower uric acid

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There are ways to lower this Uric acid in some foods.

If you have high levels of uric acid you may take lime juice in warm water frequently during the acute problem, the regular intake will help in a chronic situation also.

You can drink lots of water this will also help to lower the Uric Acid.

Apple cider Vinegar can also help you to lower the high uric acid levels. You can add 3 teaspoons of vinegar to 1 glass of water. You can drink this 2-3 times every day. Apple cider vinegar helps in treating the high uric acid condition. Vinegar detoxifies the kidney.

All this so far is good and well but really you must take a look at The Gout Eraser if not you will keep coming back and constantly getting Gout and use remedies to lower your uric acid where if you have used the Gout Eraser within 7 days your Gout will be gone permanently.

Go for a walk (at least for 2 km) as uric acid crystals tend to accumulate in joints and cause problems like arthritis so to avoid that and to let the body detoxify naturally by sweating it is really important!

You can fight the inflammation with Cherries and Strawberries

Tart cherries contain two powerful compounds, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids. Both of these compounds slow down the enzymes Cyclo-oxyygenase-1 and -2, which helps to relieve and prevent arthritis and gout in your body. It will drastically lower your Uric Acid .Cherries, along with strawberries and other berries, are also a rich source of antioxidants. This means they help prevent or repair damage done to your body’s cells by free radicals. The antioxidants replace the free radicals in your body before they can cause any damage. Dr. Wei, a nationally known, board-certified rheumatologist, recalled this story about the powerful effect of cherries on gout:

“Dr. Ludwig W. Blau, relating how eating a bowl of cherries one day led to complete relief from pain, sparked off the interest in cherries in the treatment of gout. Dr. Blau’s gout had been so severe that he had been confined to a wheelchair. One day, quite by accident, he polished off a large bowl of cherries, and the following day the pain in his foot was gone. “(Dr. Blau) continued eating a minimum of six cherries every day, and he was free from pain and able to get out of his wheelchair. Dr. Blau’s research led to many other people suffering from gout who reported being helped by cherries.”

Bananas are low in purines and very high in vitamin C, which make them good food to eat if you have high levels of uric acid. Vitamin C may reduce uric acid production in your body and increase uric acid excretion through your urine

Drinking low-fat milk and eating low-fat dairy products can reduce your uric acid levels and risk of a gout attack. The proteins found in milk and other dairy products promote excretion of uric acid in the urine.

Lose Weight 

If you’re overweight, losing weight will often reduce uric acid levels. In fact, weight loss in an obese person is generally more effective than major reductions in dietary purines. Folic acid supplements may also reduce uric acid production and thus decrease uric acid levels

Gout can be cured completely, provided the uric acid is brought to the normal level. This can only be achieved by using The Gout Eraser.

Uric acid production inhibitors

Scientifically known as xanthine oxidase inhibitors, these medications limit the amount of uric acid produced by the body. They help to reduce blood uric acid concentrations and reduce the overall risk of gout.

Like all drugs, unintended side effects are a part of use. This particular class of drugs can produce side effects including rash, low blood volume, nausea, and reduced liver function.

Uric acid removal agents

Drugs can also help the kidneys to excrete uric acid from the body. On one hand, these medications can be effective at reducing blood uric acid levels. On the other hand, your urinary uric acid levels are increased, contributing to painful kidney stone formation. Other side effects include stomach pains and rashes.

Non-prescription options

As you can see from the above, medications are very likely to give side effects.

The other potential issue with medications is, what happens when you stop usage? Do your blood uric acid levels go back to where they were before? Does the crystallization process in the joints continue, leading once again to red swelling and pains?

Only you can answer these questions. And if you believe the answer is yes, then it’s worth looking into nature-based solutions stop uric acid accumulation in your body.

Nature-Based Changes

In Okinawa, an island off the coast of Japan known for being the place with the longest life expectancy, gout is treated by tackling the source of imbalance in your body. After all, your body had previously been getting rid of uric acid effectively for decades, so all we need to do is to take it back to that state.

The way this is done to providing the right stimulus for ‘rebooting’ the body’s waste removal process and providing the right substances for this waste removal process to run efficiently. It’s the exact approach one would take when fixing any machine – only when it comes to our bodies are we so obsessed with masking the symptoms rather than fixing the root cause!

The Gout Eraser™: The all-natural guide for permanent gout removal

This is the most concise guide on restoring the body to its natural well-functioning state, by restoring the process for removing crystalline buildup in the joints, and slowing down uric acid production.

Without requiring much effort from your part, The Gout Eraser™ guides you step-by-step on how to remove gout quickly and efficiently. For more details on The Gout Eraser™, check out the following free video presentation: