Do you like to start Trading but don’t have the experience or perhaps the time to do the research?

Now you may ask me what is the best way to Trade and make money in trading. Well, my friend, the answer is eToro!

I have known personally eToro for years and follow them.

Why eToro ??

The answer is simple as with the picture below  There are hundreds of traders on this platform and you can see every one of them and even chat with them. It is like a facebook of trading in my eyes.

What you do at the start. You go to search and select exactly what kind of trader you’re looking for. Then you can choose the trader or traders that you like to follow their tradings.

What is very nice is you can see clearly there past performance and also their goals. Some of them even tell you the reason for opening the next trade.

I personally prefer the long term steady winning eToro profile. Taking small profits at a time risking little money at a time. Well, that is the kind of traders I like to follow. There are many kinds of different traders. You can see each trader profile and read up on them as well.

You can follow a trader at any time and copy their trades and start trading and when they sell you can sell as well.

You can even go so far and set up your account for when they trade your account trader automatically with them.

Why wait and start trading like a professional  Click here and you get even a sign-up bonus.




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